Indeed, the digital age provides a wealth of information at our fingertips, almost 99% free. Yet, the true luxury in today's world is time.

My courses offer a time-efficient solution, combining the distilled wisdom and expertise acquired over 17 years in the music industry.

Bypass the noise and sifted information, and invest in knowledge that's curated, comprehensive, and most importantly, time-saving.



Embark on this trailer music course to master professional track structuring, captivating melody writing, unique sound designing, and epic climax creation for riveting arrangements with rich, full mixes.

Enhance your efficiency as you multitask with multiple tracks, and gain exclusive insights into real album production and the licensing business.

Above all, learn to maintain a balanced work-life rhythm, keeping burnout at bay.

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Dive into this course to understand the full spectrum of video game music creation, from the first briefings to the final delivery.

Gain proficiency in designing engaging main themes, immersive in-game soundtracks, and compelling cutscene scores. Learn to control dynamics, loops, and layers effectively.

Get familiar with diverse music styles, instruments, and the business side of the industry. Plus, get valuable insights on handling rejected tracks and maintaining mental health.



storytelling in music the seven modes

Unleash your creative potential with our extensive online course focused on the seven modes in music.

Learn to imbue your compositions with richness, evoke powerful emotions, and steer clear of common, unoriginal motifs.

Don't wait, enroll today and give your music a transformative boost.



audio entrepreneur challenge

Join our 11-day Audio Entrepreneur Challenge to unlock the secrets of creating and marketing your own products and courses.

Understand the intricacies of effective branding, learn sales strategies, and hone the art of promoting your offerings without coming off as a high-pressure marketer.

Moreover, explore tools and techniques for generating leads and crafting engaging social content, all while discovering viable income-generating methods to realize your aspirations.