Winning Clients with Compelling Demo Reels

Through this course, we equip you with effective strategies, step-by-step guidance, and industry insights to craft compelling demo reels. Discover how to stand out, captivate potential clients, and showcase your unique musical talent in the most impactful way.




This course provides hands-on instruction on how to build and optimize a demo reel using state-of-the-art tools like ReelCrafter. With an emphasis on captivating visuals and thoughtfully selected audio content, learn to create standout demo reels.



Understand the specific needs and preferences of different types of clients across the gaming, film, and trailer music industry. Learn to tailor your demo reel to your target audience, greatly increasing your chances of success.



This course encourages composers to adapt to the current digital landscape. By utilizing various platforms for promotion and integrating AI tools for content creation, you'll be equipped to craft demo reels that resonate with the contemporary market and help you stand out among competitors.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

By crafting tailored, compelling demo reels, you significantly increase your chances of securing high-value contracts and projects. A standout demo reel effectively showcases your unique musical talent and style, opening doors to exciting opportunities within the video game, trailer music, and movie industry.

Professional Presentation

Through mastering the art of creating compelling visual and audio content in demo reels, you'll present your work in a more polished, professional manner, thereby increasing the potential to attract high-profile clients and jobs.

Competitive Advantage

The course equips you with unique insights into utilizing modern tools like ReelCrafter, AI services like Midjourney, and social media platforms for promotion. This strategic blend of creative and tech-savvy skills will set you apart from your peers, offering you an edge in a competitive industry.

Picture Your Melodies Echoing Across Top-tier Video Games and Movies

In an industry teeming with talent, many composers remain surprisingly unaware of how to promote themselves effectively.

They lack the knowledge to set up a compelling demo reel, leaving their work underexposed and their potential untapped.

However, those who master this critical skill have a significant advantage.

They amplify their visibility and showcase their versatility, setting them apart in a saturated market. Understanding how to curate and present a persuasive demo reel allows them to seize exciting career opportunities that others might miss.

This mastery equips them to attract the attention of influential clients, opening doors to collaborations and projects that could genuinely elevate their careers.

The power of a well-crafted demo reel is not to be underestimated - it's a passport to professional growth and success in the music composition industry.

Meet Your Teacher?

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Hi, I am Alex!

Hello! I'm Alex, a composer based in Hamburg, Germany. I've been crafting music for trailers and video games for about 17 years now. My journey took a significant turn in 1998 when I moved to L.A. to study music at the Los Angeles College of Music, and wrote my first trailer track in 2005 for Dynamedion.

Over the years, I've been fortunate to collaborate with renowned music production companies like Two Steps from Hell, Epic Score, Liquid Cinema, Gothic Storm, Position Music, and many more. You may have heard my work in movie trailers such as Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter. Currently, my music is featured in over 60+ TV shows worldwide.

In addition to trailer music, I've had the opportunity to work with industry greats like Mick Gordon (DOOM 2016), Trevor Morris (The Tudors), and Frank Peterson (Sarah Brightman). I've composed numerous tracks for video games and created demos for nearly every top-tier sample library company.

Course Content

Module 1 | Demo Reel Essentials: Understanding and Strategizing

Training 1 | Importance of an Engaging Demo Reel

Training 2 | Know Your Client

Training 3 | Designing Layout and Visuals

Training 4 | Tailoring Your Audio Content

Training 5 | Quiz - Demo Reel Essentials

Module 2 | Building Your Demo Reel

Training 1 | ReelCrafter Introduction
Training 2 | ReelCrafter Settings
Training 3 | Getting Your Music Into Reelcrafter
Training 4 | Generating an Image in MidJourney
Training 5 | Crafting a Header with Canva
Training 6 | Crafting a Video with Kaiber
Training 7 | Crafting Our Demo Reel in Reelcrafter

Bonus Content | Presenting & Promoting

Training 1 | Attention-Grabbing Application Emails with ChatGPT
Training 2 | Promoting Yourself via YouTube
Training 3 | Spicing Up Your Social Profiles


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