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Good feedback from professional composers is tough to find.

However, personal feedback directly tailored towards a track of yours belongs among the most valuable advice one can get.

So, how about getting a track review video only available for you? Once you get the video review, you can download and keep it.

Get your track review video today

How does it work?

Let me quickly explain the process.

Once you have purchased a track review video, you will receive an email with easy instructions on sending your track.

I will record your video within seven days and provide you with a download link.

I am here via email or Discord chat if you still have questions.

Shouldn't you be happy with my service, you will get your full money back within seven days after purchase!

Get Your Personal Track Review Video Now

Getting valuable and actionable feedback from professional music composers can be a challenge. With limited responses and busy schedules, finding the guidance you need is often challenging.

Introducing a feedback session designed to address your specific challenges and provide solutions. Though not free, this opportunity can help you overcome obstacles and propel your music career forward.

Get Your Personal Track Review Video for $79