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Through comprehensive video tutorials, in-depth dissection of game music scores, and industry-specific knowledge, this course empowers you to excel in both the art and business of video game music composition.


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Video Game Music Course



Comprehensive tutorials offer a deep dive into the process of video game music composition, from briefings to delivery.



Detailed dissections of in-game soundtracks enhance understanding of dynamics, loops, layers, and thematic design.



Invaluable insights into the gaming industry equip students with practical knowledge on contracts, budgeting, and job hunting.

Unlock your Compositional Prowess

Your creations will become more nuanced, capturing the essence of gaming narratives with precision and emotion, resonating deeply with players.

Deepen Musical Understanding

Your musical insight will grow, enabling you to craft dynamic, immersive soundtracks that masterfully weave into game environments and narratives.

Navigate Industry with Confidence

Your industry knowledge will sharpen, empowering you to handle contracts, budgeting, and job hunting in the gaming world with ease and confidence.

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Meet your Instructor

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Alex Pfeffer

Alex is a composer from Hamburg, Germany, who has been working in the trailer music and video games world for around 17 years.
In 1998, Alex went to L.A. to study music at the Los Angeles College of Music, and started writing his first trailer track in 2005 for Dynamedion.

Since then, Alex has worked for Two Steps from Hell, Epic Score, Liquid Cinema, Gothic Storm, Position Music, and many others. His music has been featured in movie trailers such as Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter etc., and is currently on air on around 60+ TV shows across the globe.

Furthermore, he has worked for Mick Gordon ( DOOM 2016 ), Trevor Morris (The Tudors), and Frank Peterson (Sarah Brightman) and wrote countless tracks for video games and demos for almost every top sample library company.

What our students have to say

"Alex's teaching is outstanding and I learned a lot about video game music based on his vast knowledge and experience in the field. I really enjoyed his approach and great examples of writing Ingame music. The seamless loop technique is the best I've ever

- Laurent Mis, Composer & Sound Designer

"Alex Pfeffer's Video Game Music Course is one of the easiest ways into the video game music industry."

- Kevin Kuschel, Composer & Educator

"I completed the course. It has been amazing!"

- Pablo Vivas

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Once you have purchased and enrolled in this course you will have access forever.

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In case you don't like the course or it wasn't what you imagined, you will get your full money back within the first SEVEN days after purchase. No questions asked!

Do I have to do assignments?

No, you can take this course at your own pace and start wherever you want. The course is available in sections that will talk about essential video game music knowledge, track analysis, and business. It is totally up to you what you want to dive in first and there are no assignments that need to be done.

However, we have a Discord support group where you are free to post your tracks and I will send you feedback as soon as possible!


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